Tag: Cities


  • Oxbow

    Oxbow- Founded 125 AE
    Population: Aproximately 4,000
    Chief Exports: Livestock from the Benbrast  …

  • Emrys

    Founded in 300 BLR, Emrys was originially created by Sinderkin invaders, and took the form of Endre's Keep, parts of which still stand to this day. As local Sinderkin and native farmers came to market to trade, a huge, bustling city grew up around …

  • Iron Kirk

    Founded in 278BAE

    The home of Clan Dubhderrig. Currently led by Cheif Seamus. 

    Iron Kirk's large graveyard is the most commonly noticed feature of it. It was said to be the grave of an ancient Cairnish king, Old …